Monday, June 13, 2011

I have no idea what day it is. Probably something around day 130...

Well, I figured it's time to update everyone since we have some legitimate plans finally falling together that are different from what I posted 2 months ago. Plus everything feels more real when I share the plans and I'm not just plotting in my head. Not to mention, a few things have happened in the last 2 months.
First off, I finally settled on a ring... technically I settled on two and then Jake picked which he liked best since I couldn't decide and it was a mystery to which one until I received it. I'm extreeeemely happy with it and everyone should be jealous.
Secondly, I'm on summer break from school and have a new job at Mangos Bar & Grille and I have to say driving 15 mins to work instead of 40 is enough reason for me to like it there.
And finally, we have officially made some decisions wedding-wise. I kept flip flopping with the decision to have some semi-big (like 75 people) wedding next summer, and was constantly changing plans and finally I took that as a sign that I probably didn't actually want one, I just convinced myself I did because I wanted to pick out flowers and a dress and decorations. I knew I'd be stressed and bitchy when it finally came to putting the whole thing together and my cheap ass couldn't justify spending so much money. I also didn't like the idea of planning the whole thing without Jake here to atleast groan about being dragged to pick stuff out. I'm sure he'd participate as much as possible, but theres only so much you can control when you're on the opposite side of the world. And THEN... I came across this video:
and that's what solidified my decision making. So OFFICIALLY, for real, what we are for sure doing is going to the courthouse in December and having a small civil ceremony with close family and a handful of friends, and then celebrating out to dinner some place afterwards. I'll get the small low-key wedding I want, and Jake will get his moment to pretend we live in the 40s. Then, when Jake comes home officially in the summer, we'll probably have a very informal cookout type party that'll be a combo of a welcome home/congratulations/moving away party. The End.

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