Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 51: Milkshakes & Movies

Since I just took all my exams last week, I decided to skip classes, sleep in and do homework today. And by homework I mean watch 2 of 5 movies I'm required to watch in one of my classes and do some discussion posts about them. What.... and exciting task.
Other than that I've just been watching tv, eating and planning my future all day. I actually just tried a recipe for a peanut butter cup milkshake. Pretty good so far.... could probably use some more peanut butter, but I'd make it again. Now I'm just awaiting the drama-filled Teen Mom 2 reunion with Dr. Drew. Woohoo, my life's exciting.
Oh, but the good news is Jake should be back to base with regular internet and skype access by this weekend. Thank you baby Jesusssss!

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