Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 52 &53: I suck at this

I'm really getting terrible at this lol... probably because my life is boring. I'm trying not to obsess over wedding ideas anymore since I have a lot of time to plan and it's distracting me from doing homework, so that leaves me with no fun updates or pictures. Plus since I've been working two jobs plus school, all I want to do in my free time is sleep or play with Beni. I'm actually multitasking taking notes in my Juvenile Delinquency class and writing this right now. We're talking about drugs today and it has me considering going into customs. I honestly can't decide what I wanna do with career-wise cause theres so many interesting options in this field, so every time we have a new topic in one of my classes some other idea comes up! I'm also trying not to get my hopes set on anything since where Jake gets stationed next and his choice of whether to re-enlist in a few years will obviously affect things. I guess I'll figure it out eventually...

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