Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 54-60: Whoopsies

Well, this blog a day thing isn't going as well as I had planned... Needless to say, I've slacked off for a week but there's still not much to update on. Nothing fun atleast. I'll try to recall...
Last week, I finished my babysitting job that was supposed to last all summer. Had the job been a dating relationship, I guess you could say it was a mutual decision to break up. When I started the job I asked if the girl had separation anxiety, cause it seemed no matter what I tried, she was unhappy and crying-- not tears and nose running crying, but more making noises and making sure you were watching her in misery crying... all... day. Well, after a month of trying different things, and experimenting with different friends/family babysitting on days I had school to see if they had the same issue, her mom finally decided she has severe separation anxiety and we ended the gig. What can I say, I'm always right.
Over the weekend I had floorset, which was nothing spectacular, but it was nice to be home during the day to hang out with Beni.
This week has been the least fun so far. My car has not been its best for quite awhile now, and it finally got to the point where my dad didn't feel safe with me driving it. We dropped it off at my cousins shop and found out both my front and rear rotor (sp?) was worn down to basically nothing (oopsies) and I was in desperate need of an alignment. So, I've been stranded bumming rides to and from school this week. How fun. But! its finally ready for pick up today, along with a nice and hefty bill. Lovely.
That being said, I think I'm returning to a picture a day on facebook and maybe this will just turn into a blog for fun wedding stuff.

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