Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 41: An Update on Jake

Well, I finally got an email from Jake yesterday, so now I officially know he's still alive, so that's nice lol. He's been keeping busy and apparently is in the Marine Corp Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) now. I didn't get many other updates other than that cause he had to go to "stupid class", but he did say that living off the coast of Japan right now sucks. I like to think it's cause he's cut off from me, but I'm sure it has a lot to do with cabin fever, bad weather and an overload of testosterone... Either way, I was real excited to hear from him.. just about as excited as I was going to see Nsync in middle school, so I guess that means I really love him haha.
On another note, Dad's just getting over some sort of flu-bug thing. Hopefully it doesn't take a tole on the entire house. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Also, I decided to include a picture today, cause apparently facebook does "memorable statuses" on your sidebar now, and this was there. How cute lol.

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