Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 42: A Miiiiiiillion Ideas, One Jackpot

So, up until now I've never given much thought to what I'd want in a wedding, which i guess is abnormal for a girl but, oh well. But because of my lack of daydreaming or whatever you'd like to call it, I've had a million ideas running through my head this month. I was really heart-set on the idea of going to Vegas for awhile (basically until today). I've always been pretty cheap (I mean, I buy my sheets from Walmart-- which I find completely acceptable and comfortable), so I've been trying to find the option that offers the most bang for our buck. And then today, I fell in love with my newest idea and if Jake does not like it he's going to have one hell of a time convincing me to do something else lol.
I started browsing local options for venues and low and behold calvert county has a vineyard. Who knew? And after seeing pictures I was over the Vegas idea instantly. I guess I can blame the fact that I grew up in south county, so at the end of the day that's where I want to be. So, ceremony location = solved (well, technically I'm still awaiting Jake's approval, but how could you not like this place?). So of course then I started looking at the details of a reception. No matter how hard I try I cannot picture Jake and I at the head of a table with a fine catered meal inside a fancy schmancy venue. Ideally, I think we're outside with beers in our hands. Because of this I just can't seem to justify using the vineyard venue (which only allows their one chosen catering company) for a reception. Maybe it makes me a redneck, but I want a cookout! So, I googled cookout caterer in Maryland and hit the absolute jackpot. We're talking about a variety of delicious cookout food options (some of my favorites, mind you) that average about $15 per person. This also includes all the utensils, napkins, plates, condiments, bread, ice tea, lemonade and sales and labor tax. Yes, yes, yes. The company also does table, chair and tent rentals if needed. So, what better idea suits us than to have a catered cookout in my nice backyard, with a bar, music and simple decorations? Nothing real fancy and traditional. Basically a big, fun party. I'm completely sold on the idea. And I'll close this with some pictures of the vineyard, my backyard.


  1. Ummmm Javi works for a bbq catering company and could probably get you a sweet deal. Not sure what "all your favorites" are but might not be a bad idea. We'll call them a fancy cookout option.

  2. Yeah, I saw Rocklands online and they didn't list prices and looked a lot fancier than the others. But if Javi wants to hook me up, I'm all for it.