Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 44: Jake Got to Call & Ring Shopping With Kristin

Well, my phone started quacking around 5:30am this morning with an incoming call from an unknown number. And low and behold, it was Jake. There's some pay phones on ship but Jake doesn't have a calling card to use them since before they were sent to help with disaster relief he had a pre-paid international cell phone (which, is obviously out of minutes now). But apparently one of the guys on ship had a calling card he let other guys use. I didn't expect to get a phone call from him until he got back to Okinawa in another month or so, so despite the fact that it was a quick 5 minutes, it was quite a nice surprise-- and one of the few times I didn't mind waking up at 5am. Plus I got to talk to him on Facebook for a quite a while afterwards. God, I'm such a girl these days.
After the nice start to my morning, I begrudgingly trekked to a mediocre day at school, came home for a quick nap and then left to meet Kristin at the mall to ring shop! Pre-engagement, I had no interest in jewelry. I don't wear it, I had no particular "taste" in, and I honestly didn't see much of a point of it-- other than wedding rings of course. So, after researching and browsing online for the past few weeks I found what I like and ventured into the overwhelming stores to see stuff in person. Lord do they make online pictures look bigger and shinier online. I was completely re-educated and found a ring I'm absolutely in love with! Unfortunately, long distance relationships means a couple emails back and forth as a decision-making process and I can't call it mine yet nor depend on it being mine eventually. But trust me, as soon as a decision is made, I'll be showing off whatever it is we decided on.

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